SANLIKE 50 Pieces Fishing Ball Bearing Swivel Fishing Lure Connector High Strength Stainless Steel Anticorrosion High-speed

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[High-strength ball-bearing swivel] The body of the ball-bearing connector is made of high-quality copper alloy material. The welding ring "Solid Ring" and quick snap are made of stainless steel. The breaking strength is outstanding. Nickel plating is applied to the whole product, and it is with excellent rust prevention and corrosion resistance. SANLIKE's swivel is for sea fishing, pond fishing, river fishing and competitive fishing activities.
[High-speed rotating ball bearing swivel] Built-in six swivel bearing balls, our swivels can rotate in 360 ° with super-spinning, effectively prevents line from twisting.
[Welding ring swivel clasp, convenient to replace] The ball bearing swivel has a welding ring on the top to prevent damage to the line and reduce the risk of the line being damaged and cut off. The clasp below allows you to easily change the weight and lure of the bin, so you can fish efficiently without missing opportunities, such as timing.
[Smooth & strong swivel] Stainless steel swivel has a glossy and smooth surface due to extra-fine craftsmanship and professional polishing. It can protect the thread well with the clasp's double protection. The clasp can rotate quickly even if you pull hard. It moderates the impact with a moderate pulling force and prevents thread from broken.
[0 # - 7 # eight sizes to select] SANLIKE fishing ball bearing swivel is made for various fishing methods and fish species. There are sizes from 0 # to 7 #. (It is better to select a smaller size as long as it can be used). Please do not hesitate to contact us before purchasing. If you need after-sales service, we will do our best to solve your problem.