KOMCLUB Portable Memory Foam U Shape Travel Neck Pillow Travel Pillow With Storage Bag

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Product Specifications:

  1. Package include: 1* neck pillow, 1* storage bag

Product Features:

Are you a frequent traveler who always struggles with sleep while traveling? With limited space and sitting between other passengers it always gets tough to fall asleep, well VibroComf Travelling Neck Pillow is the solution;

  • The ultimate memory foam neck pillows for travel, which are comfortable, portable and durable. The Plane Neck Pillow Kit contains everything you need for comfortable sleep, memory foam travel pillow airplane, 3D Eye Mask, pair of earplugs and convenient bag to keep everything.

  • The incredibly designed pillows for plane travel have a contoured shape that provides a straight comfortable posture and a great fit with its adjustable drawstring. Our airplane travel pillows have perfect curves with a flat back to prevent your head from falling forward and provide you with adequate head and neck support.

  • Our best neck pillow for airplane travel keeps your chin up so you do not have to worry about your head flopping in your travel. Adjustable rope lock of foam neck pillow for travel allows you to customize the angle of the pillow to give you neck support and comfort during the long flights or car rides. The travel memory foam pillows for airplanes don't overheat your neck.

  • The scientifically proven super soft neck support travel pillow is skin-friendly. It is covered with breathable, super soft magnetic therapy cloth with millions of tiny premium microbeads inside to keep you cool.

  • The best rated travel pillows for airplanes are suitable for any style of sleepers because of its 360-degree coverage, the neck pillow for plane travel is lightweight.

  • The weight of the package is 0.48 kg and it does not burden your shoulders.

  • The memory foam neck pillow for travel is convenient to wash because of its removable cover. Remove the cover and wash it whenever you need it.