KOMCLUB 6 Tier Shoe Rack Stainless Steel Shoes Organizer Storage Shelf

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KOMCLUB 6 Tier Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Shelf

Product description:

  1. Package size; 44.4 x 34.1 x 9.7 cm

  2. Fabric: non-woven

  3. Product weight: 2.7 kg

  4. Package included: 1* 6 Tier Shoe Rack

Product Specifications:

  1. The depth of each layer is 18.9 cm, and it can store up to 28 pairs of boots and leather shoes, and up to 30 pairs of shoes, so you can clean up dirty shoes.

  2. It is made of stainless steel with an outer diameter of 16mm, which has high stability and will not collapse. The surface is smooth and corrosion resistant. The inside and outside of the pipe are coated with rust inhibitor to prevent rust. Since the feet have non-slip rubber parts, they can be used stably.

  3. The length of each rod can be adjusted, so boots and long boots can be stored. It is also recommended to use it in a way that suits your style. It is very light and easy to move. This is also a big attraction, you can easily complete it without preparing tools to assemble the parts.