SANLIKE Folding Joint 10mm Threads 3/8*20 BSF (British Standard Fine) Aluminum Adapter for Fishing Landing Net

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Model: SD-06-UK
Material: Aluminium alloy
Size: 82*12*12mm
Net weight: 72g
Color: Red and blue
Packing: one piece folding joint
Feature: compact, threaded design, strong and reliable.
With 10mm threads 3/8x20 BSF (British Standard Fine) standard head
Note: Fit for 10mm fishing net, it can be tightened. The measured tooth diameter is about 7.9mm and the inner diameter is 10mm.
1. Folding frame connector is easy to carry. Lightweight and compact aluminum material for durability and lock function.
2. Flexible landing net, compact folding, corrosion resistance and wear resistance!
3. Improved arm parts for increased durability! • It can be folded with the lock lever, and the angle adjustment screw of the connector frame can also be fixed and the frame and the handle can be firmly held.
4. Simply insert the bracket at the fishing position to greatly reduce preparation time